Mystery Dog Illness

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Mystery Dog Illness: 0 Confirmed Cases in Michigan.

There have been a lot of media reports lately about a โ€œmystery respiratory illnessโ€ in dogs. Some cases are mild, similar to Canine Cough. There have also been reports, however, of more serious cases, with some dogs developing pneumonia.

While we wait for more information to become available, together we can all do our part to ensure the health and safety of all our Happy Hounders!

As ALWAYS, please keep your pup home if they are showing the following symptoms: Coughing, runny nose, sneezing, goopy eyes, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and/or lethargy.

In addition to your pup being up to date on their Bordetella, Distemper and Rabies vaccines, we also highly recommend pups to continue receiving the Canine Influenza vaccine annually.

Here at HH, we have amped up our daily cleaning procedures and disinfecting protocols to ensure the health and safety of all our pups!

For additional questions or concerns, we recommend reaching out to your kiddos Vet for more information.

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