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Below is the Application for Employment to Happy Hounds Dog Day Care. We would like to thank you for showing an interest in working at Happy Hounds! However, we have found that many people do not have a realistic view of what working in a dog day care involves. Please read this letter carefully.

We are seeking people who are mature enough to understand and accept the responsibilities we will place on you. There is much more to it than just playing with the dogs all day. Someone has to clean up after them, feed them, possibly administer medication, and see to their comfort and security. Floors need to be mopped & vacuumed, and trash cans emptied. This requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

While working here you will be exposed to: dog dirt & fur, dog messes, loud noises, some harsh chemicals, and the ever present risk of being bitten, scratched or bruised. Although we are completely insured, these are potential hazards you face and accept by working here. We take our profession very seriously, and will provide a great place to work. We are looking for mature, responsible, reliable, patient, intelligent people who are capable of independent action and initiative. If you have a genuine love of animals, and would like to join a great team, and you accept the above responsibilities, then we would love for you to apply for a position!
Working with dogs makes for very rewarding, fun and interesting day.

EMPLOYEE-Employment Application
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Applicant Information

Employment Application

All Employees are REQUIRED to be over the age of 18!


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