March 2023 – Piper C.

Parent Given Name:Piper C.
Attending Since:May 2018
Happy Hounds Nicknames:Pipes, BamBam, Bammy
Favorite Friends:Emme Mae, Natty Ice
Most Known For:Tennis Ball Tug-o-War Champion
Best Hangout Spots:Basement PAWS DOWN!

What is a ‘Day in the life of Piper’ at Happy Hounds?

As soon as the tennis balls drop, its pawty on! Piper will spend the entire morning chasing tennis balls and playing tug-o-war with her “sisters” Emme and Natty! After working up an appetite and eating lunch, you can find Piper curled up on a cot with her actual sister Ginger. While Piper may appear to be one of the ‘jocks’, she really is just a big cuddle bug!