January 2023 – Fiona J.

Parent Given Name:Fiona
Attending Since:June 2017
Happy Hounds Nicknames: Fifi, Fiooooona
Favorite Friends:Any female Black Labs
3 Favorite Things:Food, Food, Food… Ball
Best Hangout Spots:Wherever the actions at, FEEDING ROOM

What is a β€˜Day in the life of Fiona’ at Happy Hounds?

After arriving, Fiona charges straight to the basement to start her full day of play and get the party started. As long at the tennis balls are out, Fiona is the happiest of hounds. Aside from ensuring the party is always going, she always keeps an ear out for the lunch bell! After taking a quick break to scarf her food down, right back to the basement for 6 more hours of play!

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