December 2022 – Louie C.

Parent Given Name:Piper C.
Attending Since:September 2017
Happy Hounds Nicknames: Crumb, Crummy
Favorite Friends:Ellie B, Lucy L
Most Afraid of:Being dressed up / wearing a sweater
Best Hangout Spots:Feeding Room, Play Room 1 Cot, Play Room 2 Bench

What is a β€˜Day in the life of Louie’ at Happy Hounds?

After making his presence known by marking his scent, Louie says a quick hello to his lady friends, but immediately searches for the best spot on a cot before the lunch bell rings. Once it rings, LOOK OUT! Louie is ready to eat and demands he’s next! After lunch, Louie may be a ladies man, but more importantly, the cot looks a little more appealing. Sorry ladies!

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