December 2022 – Lulu K.

Parent Given Name:Lulu
Attending Since:October 2017
Happy Hounds Nicknames: Sherry… not sure why
Favorite Friends:Kramer G, Cajun Z, Blitzen Z.
Most Afraid of:Thunderstorms
Best Hangout Spots:Wherever the party is at

What is a β€˜Day in the life of Lulu’ at Happy Hounds?

As Lulu arrives at daycare, she is riding in style sitting shotgun in her chariot, while fellow passengers / humans have to sit in the back. Lulu is always instantly filled with joy when greeted by our Ruffurees and can’t hold back her love and excitement. Lulu loves to be wherever the party is! Especially whenever the party involves tennis balls or tennis ball hockey!

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