Sawyer J. – Supervisor

Hi! I am Sawyer. I began working at Happy Hounds in September 2018 and I already love it! The dogs are literally ALWAYS happy, which is infectious. I enjoy having this opportunity to be around other people my passion for dogs. My dog, Midnight, was a litter from two dogs that I use to help take care of. When the puppies were born, I was there every day. I wholeheartedly believe Midnight chose me, because of this, I use to sneak her home against my parentโ€™s wishes. Eventually they caved and allowed me to keep her. In the past, Iโ€™ve volunteered at animal shelters, which helped solidify my decision to apply to Happy Hounds. Who wouldnโ€™t want the chance to hang out with a bunch of dogs?! Aside from my passion for animals, Iโ€™ve spent my entire life competing, teaching and even studying dance.

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