Sophia F. – Supervisor

Hey, I’m Sophia and I’ve been a part of the Happy Hounds family since May of 2016! Animals have been a huge part of my life since I was young. Growing up I would spend time on my grandparents farm and help them with chores and feeding all sorts of animals. As I grew older my love for animals became focused on dogs. From watching family & friends dogs while they were out of town, walking my neighbors dogs, and even volunteering at the Humane Society I wanted to spend as much time around dogs as possible. A family friend told me about the cage free daycare that she took her pup to and said it would be a perfect fit for me – and she was right! With no cages we are able to get to know each pup and their quirky personality. In May 2019 I stepped away from working full time to further my education in the veterinary medicine field. During that time I would help out at Happy Hounds on the occasional weekend. Although the experience I gained from working at a veterinary office was valuable, I found myself missing the Happy Hounds family. As of September 2020 I am back full time and couldn’t be happier!