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March 2023 – Scout K

Parent Given Name:ScoutAttending Since:November 2018Happy Hounds Nicknames:Scouty, Handsom ManFavorite Activity:Tennis Ball TimeMost Known For:His Grand Entrance!!Best Hangout Spots:Any Open Cot in the Basement What is a ‘Day in the life of Scout’ at Happy Hounds? After being forced to get out of bed and go to school, Scouts grand entrance is filled with many BIG stretches, yawns, and barks a big hello to his fellow friends just beyond the fence. Scouts first priority after arriving is finding the best cot in the basement, keeping a close eye for the tennis balls to come out then leaps into action. We all […]

March 2023 – Ellie B.

Parent Given Name: Ellie Attending Since: November 2018 Favorite Friends: Midnight, Rossi, Louie C. Most Known For: Being the Class Flirt Best Flirt Tactic: Butt Checking the Boys – Works Every Time! Best Hangout Spots: Wherever the Boys are at What Makes Ellie ‘Ellie’ ?!? -Ritual of spinning in a circle no less then 4 times before dropping a present for the staff to pickup outside-Assuming her classic position of laying on her back, one paw stretch sky high-Looking like a cute puppy after a fresh grooming

March 2023 – Piper C.

Parent Given Name: Piper C. Attending Since: May 2018 Happy Hounds Nicknames: Pipes, BamBam, Bammy Favorite Friends: Emme Mae, Natty Ice Most Known For: Tennis Ball Tug-o-War Champion Best Hangout Spots: Basement PAWS DOWN! What is a ‘Day in the life of Piper’ at Happy Hounds? As soon as the tennis balls drop, its pawty on! Piper will spend the entire morning chasing tennis balls and playing tug-o-war with her “sisters” Emme and Natty! After working up an appetite and eating lunch, you can find Piper curled up on a cot with her actual sister Ginger. While Piper may appear […]

2023 Calendars have Arrived!

The new 2023 Calendars / Year Books have arrived! Make sure to grab one the next time during Drop-Off / Pickup!